Flat tire and “Campground Full”

We knew our chance of getting a campsite at the Deschutes campground was slim being that it was labor day weekend but it was still early Friday afternoon so we had some hope. Our hope faded rapidly as we approached the entrance and read the sign, “Campground Full”.

Well at least we could use the restrooms. As I waited for Sue to return I noticed the rear tire of her bike. It was low on air and as the minutes passed it got even lower. No campsite and now a flat tire.

As I was replacing the tube Jeff walked up. He is a 50 year old from Olympia Washington that comes to the Deschutes at least 8 times a year “to catch steelhead”. He recommended a place down the road that wasn’t a legal campground but was used by a lot of fisherman. That sounded like a good option. As we talked more he said, “Why don’t you just share my campsite?”

It was fun to get to known Jeff and learn about using spinners to catch steelhead and life in Olympia Washington. He shared his campsite on the river with us along with his food and drink then at supper time he cooked us a delicious steelhead dinner.

The kindness of strangers is always so amazing. Thanks again Jeff.

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  1. That’s awesome! So is steelhead!

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