It’s starting to feel like an adventure.

The landscape from the Deschutes River to Boardman Oregon is rugged and dry. It’s sparse natural vegetation seems to consist mostly of Russian Olive and goat head thorns. The area is “cowboy country” with a rolling river, the Columbia, flanked by parched tan and gold hills that stretch to the horizon in all directions.


Between the goat head thorns and roadside debris we’ve had 7 flats in 6 days. In addition to the punctures we had one valve stem shear off the tube. Last time we biked cross country we had one flat. This trip we traded our dependable Kevlar lined tires for new and improved wider and more supple tires that would “improve riding comfort, speed and handling”. Hopefully we can find some old Kevlar lined tires in Hermiston tomorrow and improve our speed and comfort by not having to fix so many flats. In addition to the flats our CO2 pump has run out of cartridges and our hand pump only fills the tires with half the pressure they need.

With the old west landscape and our mechanical issues this bike trip is beginning to feel like an adventure.


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