Cabbage Hill on the Oregon Trail

“Cabbage Hill” it sounds so sweet, like the title of a children’s book. In Eastern Oregon Cabbage Hill is “the big hill” between Pendleton and La Grande. It’s not especially steep at 5 to 6% but it is 8 miles up. On a sunny day it feels even longer because there is no shade along the way. We climbed Cabbage Hill on September 6th, it was a sunny day.

The route for the rest of the day followed the “Old Emigrant Highway” which is part of the original Oregon Trail. Since it parallels modern I-84, traffic was pleasantly sparse, an occasional rancher and his dog. Like earlier Oregon Trail travelers we set up camp for the night at Emigrant Springs. It was remarkably cold that night and I slept in all the clothing I was carrying.

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  1. My butt hurts from just reading all of your entries. You guys are amazing! Sounds like you’re meeting some really lovely folks on your journey. Cheers!

  2. Great Photo’s. I’m very familiar cabbage hill and that area, my wife’s great-great grand farther was “Alfred B. Meacham”. They had the stage station at Lee’s encampment that became Meacham, Oregon.

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