Hermiston and Pendleton – tires, tubes and cowboys

Hermiston was our first chance to replace our pump, tires, and stock up on tubes. Steve and Scott of Scott’s Bike shop were a great help. They recommended an excellent replacement pump and it wasn’t the most expensive one in the shop but they had only one Schwalbe Marathon tire in stock. Steve called their other shop in Washington, they had 3. He offered to pick them up on his way into work tomorrow. Now we could relax knowing that we would be riding one of the most reliable tires on the market.

So we headed over to Hale’s, circa 1906, for one of their famous 6 egg omelets that looks like 10. But Sue had no difficulty finishing it.

The next morning Scott gave us a ten dollar coupon to use at the frozen yogurt shop while our tires were being changed. By noon we were pedaling out of town with renewed confidence in our gear and a full belly. Thanks again to Steve and Scott.

If you like cowboy hats and fine saddles you would love Pendleton Oregon. Hamley’s is said to be “the largest cowboy store in the USA” and has been known for making “the best custom saddles since 1905”.

It’s certainly the largest cowboy shop I’ve been in. With all the cowboys walking around with smart looking hats, dusty boots and faded jeans I couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious in my Lycra shorts with the padded butt, bright yellow shirt with 3 rear pockets and sandals with cleats.

I look forward to returning to Pendleton, dressed in blue jeans, to see the famous “Round Up”, the Pendleton Underground and to take a closer look at those hats.

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  1. Tom, I always knew there was a little cowboy in you. And Sue, the cowgirl in you needs that pile of eggs… It takes a lot of energy to control that cowboy you’re with 😉
    -Giddy ‘up, and be safe.

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