Sleeping with strangers and friends

Julie is an enthusiastic gardener and proud mother of two Marines. Her partner, Wil, loves taking long bike rides on the roads near their home in Baker City Oregon. Both are people I could refer to as old friends – but that would be a lie. In fact I never even met them until I knocked on their door intending to use their shower and sleep in their house. It sounds a little strange but these two very kind souls are part of a bicycle touring network called It’s a collection of people that believe in the value of bicycle touring and understand that there isn’t always a conveniently located campground or hotel at the end of a long days ride so they offer a hot shower and a safe place to roll out your sleeping bag.

Additional benefits for the cyclists are you get to meet local people with a common interest that can give you a better understanding of the area that you are traveling through. For the hosts it’s fun to meet and help cyclists from many countries and states and share in their bicycle adventure. As Wil said “I probably won’t take a multi-day bicycle tour myself but it’s fun to be a part of other people’s tours and to meet cyclist from other countries”.

The requirement to be a member of Warmshowers is simple, you must agree to offer the same services to other cyclists at your home. Sue and I enjoyed our visit with Julie and Wil and look forward to being a host ourselves in the future.

Cycling north of Baker City.

Our current home and mode of transportation.

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  1. Tom & Sue,
    Joyce and I are really enjoying following your biking across America adventure. We are members of Warmshowers ourselves. If you get to the eastern side of Michigan’s UP sometime we’d love to host you guys. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.
    Greenstone & Thimbleberry

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