A bad idea

Riding the back roads of Idaho.

Thanks to the IPAD and google maps we left Caldwell and headed SE on some desolate back roads toward Mountain Home. At a gas station we met an elk hunter that was concerned about our route through the Tetons.

“They typically get snow up there by mid September you know”, the elk hunter told us.

We have spoken to a number of locals that thought our plan to cycle through the Tetons and Togwatee Pass (9,658 feet) at this time of year was a “bad idea”. After repeated analysis of the route and a review of the night time temperatures (below freezing) I agree, it’s a “bad idea”.

So what’s plan B? Sue and I want to keep riding but don’t want to get caught on a mountain pass in a snow storm or crank up the daily mileage just to get to some arbitrary point before the weather turns bad. What we want to do is continue exploring the US by bike at a pace in which we have time to visit with the locals and learn a little about the area. So the sensible thing is to head south through lower mountain passes and toward a warmer climate. Utah, Arizona, New Mexico… here we come.

We all have our issues.

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3 replies

  1. Bad idea! LOL. That’s half the adventure. Cheers from AK.

  2. Hi there from the crew at the Wayside Care Rupert Id. We are still talking about you today! Hope you have a fantastic trip! You are both AMAZING!!! I enjoyed our visit and I’ll be following your story

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