Truckers and physics

Enjoying time off I-84 and on a quiet frontage road.

After a couple of hours of riding I-84, even with its wide shoulder, vehicles flying by at 75 miles per hour can wear on your nerves. As I sat drinking my quart of chocolate milk I stared out the window at the semi filling up on diesel. It was huge. It was pulling not one but three trailers. When those big rigs fly by its like your on a roller coaster. Over your left shoulder you hear this loud, ominous roar rapidly approaching. As the truck passes the pitch rises to a shrill scream. Then you feel this wall of wind push you to your right and you wrestle with your handlebars to maintain your course. But you better not over correct because the next thing you feel is a strong wind pulling you toward the truck as its rear wheels pass by. There’s no malice on the the drivers part, it’s just a matter of physics. In fact more than 90% of the truckers pull over to the next lane to give us extra room.

As I finished my milk I heard a fellow behind me ask us where we were headed. He loves bikes, Harleys. He and his wife each have one. They even rode to “Sturgis” in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the annual motorcycle rally. His knowledge of the roads in Idaho and Wyoming was sound. He answered all the questions we had about our intended route and he even made a few suggestions for alternative ones.

He wished us well and walked away but then turned and came back to our table. “Let me give you my cell number. We have a little ranch in southern Idaho. If you go through there give us a call, we’ll put you up.”

A few minutes later I watched him climb into the huge truck with the three trailers. I honestly don’t think the truckers are trying to blow us off the road, it’s just physics.

Barnyard stunts.

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