Bliss to Eden to Heyburn

At Bliss we turned onto Scenic Hwy 30 toward Buhl Idaho, our breakfast destination. The road led us through irrigated fields, dry canyons and over high buttes along the Snake River. At 1000 Springs we saw a number of large, wide springs burst from the middle of the canyon walls to become waterfalls that cascaded down to the river below. I’m accustomed to seeing waterfalls flowing over the edges of a mountain and high walls, not bursting through the center of them.

…It’s harvest time in the valley and we are regularly passed by trucks filled with potatoes and onions. The potato trucks look as if they are carrying muddy rocks and have a very pleasant, fresh, earthy smell. Like a garden after its been turned over in the Spring.

…The frontage road leading to Rupert Idaho passed by a small local airport. Only two planes sat near the run way, they were identical and appeared to be crop dusters. Oddly along the same stretch of road a hawk sat perched on each telephone pole as far as you could see. Biking across Canada I had a hawk dive at me with his talons open and just before impact he let out a blood curdling scream and aborted his attack. He came within inches of my posterior neck and I could hear the rustle of his feathers and feel the wind from his large wings as he pulled up. Since that time I’ve always been a little leery of hawks staring at me from fence post or telephone poles.

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