Salt Lake City, easy to enter, hard to leave.

We arrived in Salt Lake planning on spending one night here – tonight is our fourth. The rain clouds blew in from the west as predicted then the temperature fell ten degrees. That justified staying inside, warm and dry a couple of extra nights. But that’s not the real reason we’re still here. The real reason is because we enjoy this town. The city is tidy with well trimmed lawns, freshly painted, well maintained buildings and incredible architecture. Even the public buildings and grocery stores are beautiful and I think the churches have a competition going for “most dramatic use of locally quarried stone”. Of course the Mormons set the bar pretty high in 1893 when they completed their temple. The mountains surrounding the city are the icing on the man made marvels and they form a beautiful back drop, especially at sunset.

The hostel we are staying at is on the east side of town two blocks from the Governor’s mansion and a pleasant walk to the heart of downtown. The city is more international then I expected and has a far better selection of Indian restaurants than we could have ever dreamt of. A Mormon presence is evident in the city and responsible for many of its positive attributes but today they make up less than 50% of the population.

Well tomorrow is the day we ride out of here – probably. Sue and I are both looking forward to doing more biking and are excited to see central and southern Utah. However we both want to return to Salt Lake City and spend a couple more nights, or weeks, or seasons, or…

Oh by the way, even with all the walking, the storm clouds blowing in and the temperatures falling, we never wore our rain coats once. We really just enjoyed being here.

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  1. Back in 1980 a friend of mine and I were flying out to Oregon, (when I was still an active private pilot) and we stopped in Salt Lake to overnight at Ziggy’s aunt and uncles. It was the first time I had ever been there. I was so impressed with the area that the next year I took Joyce out west on a 3 week vacation and spent more time in the SLC area. I can see why you had a hard time leaving. Greenstone

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