Bryce National Park

Harvey the RV

We slept last night in ‘Harvey the RV’ at 8,000 plus feet and it got a little cool but despite that we slept pretty well. Bryce National Park has many overlooks above 8,000 feet and some just shy of 10,000 feet. The views from those overlooks are some of the most incredible I’ve ever seen.



Bryce is famous for its’ Hoodoos which are spires of brilliant colored limestone that resemble a forest of candy canes with red, pink, orange, yellow, gray and white stripes. If you hike through them when the sun is hitting them just right they seem to glow. My little camera couldn’t capture the full spectrum of the colors we saw but the truth is I couldn’t come close to capturing the dynamic colors of Bryces’ rock formations no matter what camera I had.



From the overlooks the rock formations are beautiful but hiking down to the base of the hoodoos and under the arches is a surreal experience well worth the effort. It’s especially nice to be here at the end of the season when the volume of visitors and daytime temperatures are lower. The daytime temperatures now are in the 60’s and 70’s and great for hiking. I hope you enjoy the photos.


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  1. Bryce is a unique and beautiful place for sure. Years ago we stopped there briefly and swore that we would back at some point and do some hiking down in the Hoodoos. We stayed overnight at Ruby’s Best Western and went out to the hot tub after supper. (It was quite cool at 8000′ elv.) We were sitting there with 7 or 8 others but felt a bit left out when we discovered we were the only ones speaking english. (must have been a tour bus staying overnight too)

  2. Some day I would love to see Bryce … and Zion … and so many of the features “out west”. Alas, I have mobility issues so it might not happen … so thank you for sharing your photos and your story!

    • Jen,

      Thank you for the kind words and following my blog. The beauty of Zion and Bryce is incredible. You cannot take a bad picture there. I hope you see it for yourself someday.

      • Somehow I just don’t think it will ever happen. But as long as people like you share with people like me I will be happy. 😀

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