“Harvey the RV” was the most flamboyant small car in the Dollar Store parking lot that clear, sunny morning. With its bright lime green metal flake body, a cute bulbous rear and grinning front end you couldn’t help but smile back at it. Harvey was one of those cars that caused strangers to walk up and say, “Dude, like your car”. But it wasn’t mine, it belonged to Budget Rental Cars.
Sometimes things happen in life that don’t make sense, like bad things happening to nice people, or nice cars. Walking toward Harvey with a sack of licorice in hand I couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t notice it when I opened the trunk because I was looking at Sue but when I placed my hand on Harvey’s trunk lid I felt it. It’s bulbous rear end was no longer bulbous and my hand fell into a large concavity in the lid. I pushed the lid down, I heard it clicked, then I saw it, a large dent in Harvey’s rear end. How could that happen? Only a few cars were in the parking lot that Sunday morning and Harvey was the brightest and easiest to see. Maybe I should have bought that over priced insurance they were hawking.

Poor Harvey


Later that afternoon I was walking up to Harvey and saw something, it was securely wedged under the windshield wiper. It was a business card that read, “Retired, CEO of Nothing… Malibu California”. Hand written on the back was, “I hit your car, please call me”.

I called the “CEO of Nothing” and he was very apologetic and said he was backing up his three quarter ton truck and just didn’t see little Harvey sitting behind him. He said he would gladly pay for repairs just send him the bill. I commended him on his honesty but he replied he had no choice, “It would have been bad Karma if I didn’t let you know”.

A week later I returned Harvey to Budget and Sue filled out the accident report. (She actually said, “I like filling out accident reports”; once a cop always a cop.) I think everything is going to work out just fine. Soon Harvey will have his cute bulbous rear end back and the “CEO of Nothing” will go foreword in life with good Karma. It could have been much worse.




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  1. I suspect the gentleman who hit your rental left you a note because you had so much good karma deposited in the karma bank!

  2. I hit a car once and I did the same thing: left my phone number and waited for a call to pay for my mistake.
    It was during a vacation and unfortunately I was driving a rented car so I had to pay for the damage:(
    Since that accident I was more careful than ever, especially when I was driving a rented car.


  1. Cracking Up A Rental Car And Good Karma Brickthomas 39 S Blog Cute Small Cars : OtoSPEED

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