The timeless interiors of laundromats. I remember when the driers were 10 cents.

Tonight was our last Friday in Flagstaff and it was a lot of fun even though it included doing laundry at a laundromat. Sue hates going to laundromats but I don’t mind it as it reminds me of my childhood. We couldn’t afford a washer and drier at home and by noon my mother had ingested too many shots of Bacardi to be concerned about doing the laundry so we kids carried the clothes, quarters and detergent across the street to the laundromat each week. It was an atypical chore for a boy in grade school but I’m grateful to my sister for teaching me such a practical life skill. My brother and I also used the laundromat as a warming house in the winter between snow ball fights and as a corner grocer when we bought candy or sodas from the machines. On two occasions the soda machine malfunctioned and spit out a can of soda each time we pushed the button, no money needed. That was pretty cool! So I associate laundromats with some good times.

Macy’s, voted best coffee shop in Flagstaff for 2012

Tonight’s laundry detail was especially fun since the laundromat was next to one of Flags best coffee houses, Macy’s. Also unlike many other laundromats I’ve used, the one tonight had a more upbeat vibe as it is frequented by NAU students and surrounded by great pubs, art stores, etc. After we finished our coffee and laundry we walked back to our hotel and got ready for a night on the town.

Our last Friday night in Flag was the first Friday of the month and that’s when the city has its monthly Art Walk. The beauty of the region along with the presence of the university leads to Flag having a lot of artists for a city its size. I was also impressed by the number of businesses involved in the walk that were not galleries or artist based, i.e. outfitters, solar energy consultants, pubs, etc. It gave the event a strong community supported feel. Along the way we sampled chili, eggnog and chocolates and were entertained by a number of musicians. I still haven’t adjusted to blue grass music being so popular in Arizona but I’m told it is and I’ve heard a number of groups performing it so I guess it’s true.

Despite the temperature being below freezing the city was hopping and the walkers and bike riders were out in force. The stores and pubs were lit up and music could be heard on the sidewalks of each street in the historic district. As we walked by the town square Christmas tree we heard three college age girls singing Christmas carols in very sweet harmony. The night was coming to an end too quickly.

The New Years Eve Pine Cone waiting patiently for 2013

By the time we completed the 15 minute walk to our hotel on the south side of town our cheeks were pink and the warmth of our hotel room was appreciated as soon as we opened the door. The only thing that could have made our evening of wandering the streets of historic Flagstaff better would have been a little snow. With any luck they’ll have some white stuff next month for the Art Walk and for the slopes of Snow Bowl.

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