Pre-WORLD TRIP Wednesday #4

Saint George Utah

Looking at downtown Saint George Utah from the banks of the Virgin River

I feel I should be making more progress with my travel plans but learning patience will serve me well on the road I suspect. One of the more interesting things I’ve learned is that air fares to Europe have risen significantly from last week as has local gas prices. In St. George gas is running about $3.09 a gallon now vs under $3.00 a week ago. I don’t claim that there’s any relationship  between gas prices and ticket prices, in fact I’ve always thought gas prices had much more to do with simple greed than anything else. Another thing I’ve learned today is that the cheapest way for me to get to Europe is not to book a flight straight out of Las Vegas but to take a cheap flight to Denver, then get a flight to Europe from there. The cheap flight to Denver is $84 and then a flight to Copenhagen is $621.

Why to Copenhagen? The more I think about it the more I think it would  be cool to do some biking in Europe and what better bike town to start in than Copenhagen. The ride from Copenhagen to Amsterdam is said to be fairly easy if the winds are blowing in your favor. Of course Amsterdam is the other great bike city of the world and I would love to check it out also. I’m still not particularly interested in taking a bike from the US to Europe but the above route is said to be relatively flat and since I won’t be in a hurry I could probably make it on just about anything with two wheels.


One of the many paved bicycle paths in Saint George.

The other thing is as much as I love the idea of traveling with only a backpack the insight  you gain and the contacts you make biking is something I love. I’m not saying it’s what I’ll do for sure but the idea is tugging hard on my heart strings. One of the more interesting and enjoyable solo bike tours I’ve taken in the past was on a fixed gear bike from Ohio’s hilly Amish Country back to Indiana. It sounds like the route from Copenhagen to Amsterdam is no hillier than that and has a lot more bike paths. How much would a used fixed gear bought in Copenhagen set me back compared to a train ticket? How much more interesting a trip would it be?

Well that’s one travel option but more importantly with flight prices going up I’m thinking I might want to purchase my ticket sooner than later. I can work out the details of getting around the countries over the next couple of months. The area will be all new and interesting to me so I’m not sweating the details too much. The truth is when it comes to travel I’m much more of a guy that likes to make plans as he moves along as opposed to having a detailed agenda. Based on previous life experiences I trust things will work out. The point of traveling for me is to face new challenges, experience different cultures, meet new people and to have fun. So being flexible and not tied to a rigid schedule works best for me. I look forward to seeing some of the famous sights of Europe too but the truth is I don’t travel to collect pictures of “must see sites” or to tick the boxes on the list of famous museums and cathedrals. It would be much more interesting to me to spend the afternoon talking to the locals than touring a museum filled with the paintings of “the masters”. Ok, I “ain’t got no culture”. (I also don’t finish reading books I don’t enjoy no matter what list they’re on. Gasp!) As they say, “hike your own hike”.

Well that’s where I’m at now but I’ll have more figured out by next Wednesday. Thanks for following. Peace and happy travels.


There are also plenty of off road trails for running and mountain biking.

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10 replies

  1. Hi Brick. Thanks for your visit and comment on one of my blogs. Wow. What an adventure you have planned. I hope Europe meets your expectations. Take care. Ralph

  2. Ah, “Hike Your Own Hike”. Words of wisdom from Francis Tapon that translate to so many other places in life. Ride your own ride… Good Luck.

  3. Envious of your paved cycle trail. We are schudled to do three weeks of cycling through Germany and France this coming northern summer, may pass on a quiet country lane somewhere.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog – good to know it’s being read around the world! Best of luck with you travel plans. My husband and I have spent some time traveling in Europe. I know you’ve said that you’re not going to tick “must sees” off a list, but I have to say that the first glimpse of the Thames snaking through London from the plane, the iron edifice of the Eiffel tower rising above Paris, and the sight of the early morning sun warming the stone curves of Roman Colosseum are breathtaking and unforgettable. Gives you that “I am really here” moment. Enjoy!

  5. I hope you enjoy your trip. Biking between those two towns sounds wonderful. Do it. I’m very much like you in that I plan as I go. It is nice to have a set of places you want to check out along the way, a relatively small set spread out among the places you’ll be. You always need room to add to the list as you go, detours being an inevitability.

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