Pre-WORLD TRIP Wednesday #5

461257_10150820662171557_824736829_oNews flash! The departure date has been determined, the destination city selected and a one way ticket to Europe purchased. It’s getting real now.

On May 28th I’ll board Iceland Air for the first leg of my trip to Europe and will arrive in Reykjavik Iceland early the next morning. The neat thing about flying Iceland Air is that they let you lay over for up to a week in Iceland for no additional charge. Some of you may be wondering, “Why would you want to lay over in Iceland for a week?” I guess the best reason is because I’ve never spent a week in Iceland. In addition, ever since working in Yellowstone Park I’ve had a fondness for geothermal features. When work was finished we would often go “hot potting”, which is hiking into the woods and  jumping into secluded thermal pools.  The memory of sitting under starry skies, cloaked in steaming waters with crisp air and rugged landscape all around me is one I’ve never forgotten.  Perhaps the geothermal features of Iceland will provide a few new and equally memorable moments.


After a week in Iceland I’ll board again for the next leg to Copenhagen. The route after that is still pretty foggy. Lately I’ve been thinking about spending some time in Czechoslovakia and Poland. I’ve recently read some articles on Poland that made it sound like a less developed but interesting european country to explore by bicycle. Spending some time in Czechoslovakia and Poland would also help me stay on budget and allow me to sample the famous beers and pirogies. I love pirogies.

For those interested in traveling to Europe you may like some details on the tickets I purchased. After watching the prices go up and down for a few weeks I decided I would be happy to get a one way ticket for under $600. For me, flying out of Las Vegas was cheaper and easier than going to Salt Lake. It seemed like I couldn’t get to Europe without going through Reykjavik and per Kayak, Orbitz, etc., Iceland Air was the main and cheapest carrier. I then went to the Iceland Air website and found the tickets cheaper yet. I chose my seats, times, routes etc. The total cost to fly from Las Vegas to Reykjavik to Copenhagen was $562 USD.

For couples interested in getting to Europe I’ve also found twelve day repositioning cruises from Florida to England with taxes and fees included for as little as $490 per person. If you add $10 a day per person for gratuities that brings the total, including twelve days of lodging, entertainment and tips to only $610 per person. Plus you may be able to squeeze a bicycle onboard  for no extra charge. It’s an interesting option.

But I’m happy with my choice. If anyone out there has suggestions as to where to stay in Reykjavik on a backpacker’s budget and what to do for a week in Iceland send them my way. Has anyone done any camping in Iceland in May/June?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again next Wednesday or sooner. Peace and happy travels.

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10 replies

  1. Since you’re already thinking of The Czech Republic I would highly recommend you follow through on it. Architecture is breathtaking!

  2. Hi Tom…. you are HOT to trot! Glad things are coming together for you. It’s nice that you are passing on travel tips to readers. Ciao, Val

  3. Sounds like an exciting trip, I’ll be watching your travels.

  4. Hi Tom, The photos arrived . Hal Hi love- I told you the photos didn’t load on Dads I pad, well how they have?! Looks good… Off to breakfast now. XOX

    Sent from my iPad

  5. I love Iceland! I visited last Summer. What a great place to kick off a journey! Good luck!

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