OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s Friday and how many times this week were you filled with excitement or did you feel a sense of discovery? How about a moment of joy where you were grinning, laughing and so filled with energy that you couldn’t keep your feet still? Well I’m sorry to admit it but those moments don’t come as frequently as they once did for me either. As an adult when they do arrive they often seem coupled with expensive things like cars, electronic gizmos or grand vacations. Sometimes you reach those highs through participating in extreme activities like bungee jumping, running marathons, ultra-marathons, biking ridiculous distances, etc. I’m not putting those things down I’ve done them too but it’s amazing how much less a child needs to reach similar emotional states. They can experience all those emotions by simply playing under a water sprinkler for an hour.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I spent the afternoon wandering through the St. George Art Fair at Town Park. It had a wide variety of artists, two stages for performers, food vendors and plenty of adults and kids in attendance. The day was sunny and clear with the temperatures in the high 70’s and the kids were having a great time playing in the water. I sat around the big sprinklers for a while taking pictures. It was fun to watch the smallest kids discover the sprinklers through sitting on them, putting their mouth over them or simply standing under them and being thoroughly drenched while their perplexed looks gradually transformed into smiles followed by flapping arms and dancing feet. The older kids stood over the largest jets letting them pound their chest like superman deflecting bullets. I was most impressed by how much joy and delight they attained from simply playing with and in the water. I couldn’t help but wish I could dial down my sense of discovery and joy meter to the point were an hour of playing in the sprinklers would be equal to a new car, electronic gizmo or a grand vacation. Sadly I think it might be too late. Big boys need big toys right? But just in case, next time I go to Town Park I’m going to be wearing swim trunks.



I hope you enjoyed the photographs and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Tom….. love the topic and pictures. The concept of “dialing down your joy meter” is interesting to think about. You’re right; we often require more. On the AT we got so used to beauty that sometimes we had to pinch ourselves and say: APPRECIATE THIS! Happy Easter to you and Sue…. Val

    • Hi Val,

      Thanks. I know what you mean about the AT. Sue uses her AT photos for her computer screen saver. Often a picture will pop up on the screen and we both look at it in amazement and say, “Wow. I didn’t realize that spot was so beautiful.” Have a Happy Easter.


  2. Now that’s living. Great topic and pics.

  3. “Simple happiness is underrated.”
    Great pictures.

  4. Yes! Get in there with the kids! We hold ourselves back too much…

  5. Those are great pictures. I have to admit, I get that kind of joy after a long run on a Saturday morning, followed by an afternoon of solitude with coffee, a scone and a nap. I get giddy. Haha…

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