Beaches in Makarska Croatia

Another nice beach in Makarska Croatia but not my favorite

Many coastal towns have a beach, Makarska Croatia has many beaches. They have beaches with pebbles, boulders, roped off beaches, beaches with no containments, beaches filled with bikinis and man-thongs and beaches filled with people that have no tan lines anywhere. On my way back from the Old Town area for my morning coffee I took a new route out around the point, up the hill to old St. Peter’s church and backdown the other side. On the way down I discovered a most gorgeous patch of water. I don’t know if you can call it a beach because to get to the water you have to carefully crawl over large, sharp edged boulders and the drop off is abrupt but the water is crystal clear and it even has interesting schools of fish hugging the shoreline to swim with. It’s in a secluded area where there are no ropes or tan lines and is a significant walk from my room but well worth the effort.

My favorite beach in Makarska Croatia

After seeing it I started to quicken my pace for home to get my swim suit, then I stopped. “Wait, suits are optional. Why am I racing home for a suit?” Then it dawns on me, “What was I thinking? I can’t swim without my ear plugs and goggles.” So I picked up the pace again. I returned to that spot with my ear plugs, goggles and swim suit for a few hours each day until it was time to leave Makarska.

A closer look

Chillin at the beach

One interesting thing about the sea water here is that the salinity level seems higher than on the east or west coast beaches of the US. I say this because the few sips I’ve taken by accident tasted much saltier and I seem to be much more buoyant. Of course there could be other reasons for me being more buoyant but I feel better blaming it high salinity.

Not a bad beach either


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9 replies

  1. Beautiful place, wish I could see it myself!

  2. Wow, dazzling beaches. Since you are the only person I “know” recently visiting Croatia, can you tell me what the local folks there think about becoming a member of the European Union?

    • Hi Jet,

      They often roll their eyes when asked, giving you a feeling that they are not overwhelmed by the idea. They would probably like to have the ability to go to other countries for work but are not happy with adopting the Euro and the inflation that comes with it. The funny thing about that is on the coast all the inn keepers quote you the price in Euros, not Kuna. By contrast restaurants always advertise prices in Kunas as do other merchants.

      The prediction is that due to being part of the EU now that the coast with be rapidly developed. It is quaint and relatively cheap now so visiting here sooner than later is probably a good idea.

      Thanks for asking the question. Sorry for the long winded answer.


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      • Very interesting, and not surprising. It is a very big change for them. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question. And have a good swim today!

  3. I hope the weather will still be kind enough to us in September that we will be able to enjoy a beach day or two. Great photos! – Mike

    • Thanks Mike. A local told me he enjoys swimming here even in October and I don’t think he meant as part of a Polar Bear Club. September may be the best time to be here considering prices, crowds and weather. I wish you a great visit.

  4. Sounds lovely! Sue probably shared that we are unable to meet you for the Camino. I’m pretty disappointed…but hoping that we can all meet for a different adventure. Ciao, Val

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Sue gave me the news and we both will miss your company but we will hook up again. Who knows it could even be in clean clothes and normal footwear. 🙂

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