Camino Frances Part 4 – Eye Of The Tiger

Walking The Way in Spain

It’s amazing how a loose, multi-national group like the pilgrims walking “The Way” can form such rapid friendships and a communication network; a kind of “coconut telegraph”. It’s also amazing how easy it is to have your hiking plans derailed by common illnesses and silly accidents. I guess the take home is life will throw you curves so just be flexible and persistent. Life is change.

View from our balcony in Logrono Spain

So what is the telegraph tapping out in Logrono Spain?

Well, Sue and I arrived in the city three days ago and we just asked the receptionist if we could stay a fourth night. Unfortunately Sue entered town with the early symptoms of a “cold” and has done little more than cough and sleep for the last three days. The good news is that we have a private room with a TV and the “Tour of Spain” bike race began the same day as her cold so she has something to watch for a couple hours each day as she recovers. (Bike racing is her favorite sport.)

Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda XIV Logrono Spain

A few other pilgrims have met with some bad luck in Logrono as well. The woman we walked into town with chipped a tooth and through the “telegraph” we heard of another pilgrim who fell out of bed injuring his back, shoulder and lacerating his forehead. He caused such a commotion when he fell that the guy in the top bunk awoke abruptly and somehow in the process fractured his arm. The lacerated forehead was sutured and the fractured arm cast but the patient was advised to stay in town and have the arm rechecked in five days. The physician wanted to make sure the bone was healing properly before the pilgrim started pounding out the miles with a pack on his back. It must have been a tough night for the alburgue manager too.

Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda XIV up close

So here I sit in a Tapa Bar all by myself listening to the theme from Rocky, “Eye of the Tiger”. Even after all these years, when ever I hear that song my shoulders start to twitch a little as if I’m throwing imaginary punches, my chest puffs out a bit more than normal and I get that overall “I’m a badass” feel. Then the music stops – I scan the crowd and realize that no one else in the room sees me that way. So I return to slouching in my chair, sipping my “cafe con leche” with sugar and just hope I don’t fall out of bed.

One of many Tapa bars in Logrono Spain


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15 replies

  1. Sorry Sue got sick; glad she has a nice spot to hang. Great shots, and love your comments. Don’t fall out of bed!

  2. Ha ha – Eye of the Tiger indeed! I hope you are both soon healthy so I and other followers can enjoy some fine photos and stories from El Camino de Santiago. Cheers. – Mike

  3. Who knew sleeping was such a dangerous sport?

  4. Sorry to hear that Sue’s been ill. At least there’s a good doctor in the house:)

  5. I laughed so hard at the last sentence, thank you.

  6. I went to Pamplona for the first time last summer for San Fermines. It was so much fun and I genuinely liked the city. It is lovely 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed your time there!

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