Camino Frances Part 9 – A Moment


Just minutes after starting today’s hike it began to rain so I pulled out my blue raincoat and draped it over me and my pack. The coat is not made to be worn over me and my pack so the front was gapped three to four inches but the rain was light and the day warm so I just leaned a little forward, pulled my Tilley hat low and continued walking. The fashion style was “Hiker Apathetic” but nonetheless the miles passed as gently as the rain fell and my thoughts kept drifting to tomorrow. What will that feel like?


I’ve been on “The Way of Saint James” for forty two days and four hundred miles and tomorrow I will walk up the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago De Compostela, the ending point for all Camino trails. I’m not a church goer but I am interested in seeing the place that has drawn pilgrims from all over the world for hundreds of years.


People talk about having a “God moment” along the trail. A moment when they felt especially close to God or a moment that confirmed their belief in their faith, church, etc. I didn’t have a “God moment”. But I don’t feel cheated. Along “The Way” I had my share of “moments”.


Walking along a canal as the mist floated over the water and the brightness of the moon competed with that of the rising sun was a moment. As was seeing where and how the people live in this part of the world and learning to communicate with them through words, facial expressions and bad acting. The sensation of my cardiovascular system and legs gaining strength as the weeks passed during this endurance event as well as with others is always an amazing experience for me.


Of course some would argue that all my experiences were due to their god, prophet, etc. Certainly one thing that I have learned from studying history, traveling and walking “The Way of Saint James” is that too many wars have been waged and people killed for following the wrong faith, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. To all those that are “believers” I hope you had a “God moment” and to all pilgrims of all faiths and beliefs I wish you “Buen Camino” and sweet dreams.





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  1. A great life adventure and fitting comments to share with all world faiths. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think you two are incredible! There is nothing I like doing more than snuggling up with a bag of popcorn and my laptop and seeing the world through your eyes. You have an amazing way of making the reader feel like we’re right there (without the blisters and aches of course). I find myself disappointed when I have come to the end of each blog because I do not want them to end. The pictures most definitely help me extend the vacation in my mind. Thanks for sharing your travels, you both are so inspiring!!

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