Staying Alive

We gently glide out of our berth in St. Thomas, the city lights on our port and starboard and the moon rising over the stern. A pleasant tropical breeze blows across my arms as I interlace my fingers behind my head and lean back on a deck chair to take in the scene. It’s both a beautiful and sad sight. We are embarking on our last night at sea. Come 6 AM we will be docked in San Juan Puerto Rico, the final port of our transatlantic cruise. How could two weeks pass so quickly?


I love sleeping in the woods, hiking for months at a time, traveling by bicycle with little more than a tent and sleeping bag and I truly enjoyed the easy life aboard this ship. Because it was a one way ride across the Atlantic it was pretty cheap and because of that and the fact that it was two weeks long we decided to upgrade to a cabin with a balcony. In hindsight it was an excellent decision. A cabin with a balcony essentially gives you a wall of floor to ceiling windows and a private deck on which to read, write, day dream and watch the sun and moon do their magic. Plus at night you can leave the balcony door open and both fall asleep and wake to the sound of the ocean.


Tomorrow night it will be back to hostels and cheap eats, i.e. mofongo with chicken. Our room overlooking the sea along with the decadent meals and endless entertainment will become part of a past life. I’m not complaining, I'm looking forward to exploring Puerto Rico and I prefer to do it in a more down to earth manner but I will miss the room with a view and the sound of the ocean.


As we approach a green channel marker the PA system starts cranking out “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees. The sky slowly and magically turns light blue with pink streaks, the rail fills with passengers and cameras click. The BeeGees sing a chorus of, “Ah, ha, ha, ha, Staying Alive” and I sink even deeper into my chair and take in the scene or maybe become part of it. It's been a good ride.



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  1. An enviable experience, no doubt. Lovely photos too.

  2. Hi Tom, Sounds like a great trip .Some say living at Glen Eddy is like being on a cruise ship. Of course no ocean waves and sounds and the dancing girls are a bit older . H .

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    • Hi Hal,

      The Eddy reminds me of a cruise ship also. Those young dancers do move a little smoother without the artificial joints but there are a couple cute older gals that are real keepers. Tom

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  3. Sounds like you had a great cruise. I used to love pampering myself a little after roughing it in the woods. I think we appreciate ‘the good life’ all the more when compared to camping out. It is not a lifestyle, but it is fun while it lasts! Great photos, too! – Mike

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