Cowboys Real and Imagined


It’s been a while since I have posted and I could lay the blame on catching up on mail, finding a place to live, loss of our health insurance due to “The Affordable Care Act” (and paying twice as much for the new policy) etc. but that would give you a bit of  a false impression. I have also spent a significant amount of time sorting through six months of travel photos. Having a chance to see my photos on something larger than an iPad Mini was initially exciting but by the time I trimmed them down to the keepers I was cross eyed and rethinking the benefits of long term travel. Whinning and joking aside I truly  enjoyed the memories and emotions that those photos generated.


In an attempt to share my experiences as well as inspire others to have their own I have created a couple videos. They are simply a few of my better photos mixed with music. If you are interested in seeing some of the areas I passed through over the last six months or are curious what the Camino or Croatia looks like stay tuned. My first video covers our Camino Frances hike  HERE.  I will also create at least one other video on Croatia that I will post at a later date. All the videos will be available on my Youtube channel  HERE .  You will find a couple of videos on our 2011 Appalachian Trail hike on that channel as well, a four minute videoHERE and a twelve minute one HERE.


I will leave you with a couple of photos from our recent visit to Santa Fe New Mexico. If you get a chance to visit there I highly encourage a stop at the New Mexicio History Museum and a free tour with one of their docents. I had forgotten (or never learned) that the Spainish established a permanent settlement in Santa Fe (1609) just two years after the British established their first permanent settlement in Jamestown Virginia. Nor did I realize that the Spanish Inquistion of the 1600’s led to the execution of New Mexico natives and a reprimand of the Spanish Governer for allowing them to continue to perform their traditional religious ceremonies. The governer was recalled to Mexico City and the Indians were found guilty of practicing “witchcraft”. Our museum stop started as a two hour  pop-in , pop-out visit but ballooned into a full day affair.


Thanks for following my blog and I hope you enjoy the photos and videos.


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  1. Fun stuff, thanks. Oh, and I feel your pain on the mess that “Affordable Health Care” has become. Our insurance doubled… and I NEVER use it.

  2. Hi , Wow , Those are Great productions ! They can be enjoyed by the arm chair travelers .Thanks ! H&H .

    Sent from my iPad


  3. From another armchair traveler, Great Videos! Thanks!

    If you recover from the cross eyed state and make that Croatia video, I’d love to see that too. I met some good people in Zagreb and the countryside when I was there in early 1995, despite the heartache brought on by the war. I’d enjoy seeing pictures of Croatia settled into peaceful times.

    Best wishes, Caga

    • Hey Caga,

      Good to hear from you. Like yourself I met some sweet souls in Zagreb. The Croatia video is about finished and the last few frames will include scenes from Zagreb. I hope it brings back some good memories for you. The first weekend I arrived there they were celebrating becoming members of the EU and they were literally dancing in the streets. After the party I asked a number of people how they felt about becoming EU members and none of them were in favor of it. But they all enjoyed the weekend.

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