Home Alone, A Couple Hours From Las Vegas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s  gone. A big silver bird carried her thousands of miles east to a place that’s cooler, wetter and greener. While my wife is in NY I’ll get things together for our next adventure, a drive around the US. For a car trip it sounds a little melodramatic to use the term adventure. But if “adventure” means, “things don’t go as planned”, odds are we’ll have an adventure.


Of course the thought of a married man home alone and only a couple hours from Las Vegas sounds like the makings for a movie. You know the type. A few crazy days full of bad behavior, beautiful young women and lots of alcohol. So far my week has been less cinematic.  It began with a delicious stack of French toast drenched in maple syrup but I missed my wife’s usual commentary: “How much syrup are you going to put on those?” “I’m surprised they’re not floating.” “Oh yeah, you better dredge that piece again I don’t think you got enough syrup on it.” Yes, the silence that comes with being alone takes a some getting use to.


French Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup

French Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup

The truth is my wife is right. My diet could be improved. I have always been better at increasing my activity level than lowering my caloric intake. That increased intake is especially noticeable when compared to a woman that is truly content with a meal consisting of only an apple and yogurt. I would love to have taste buds and a satiety center that was so easily pleased. It’s not that I haven’t tried adopting her eating habits but there is a big difference between following a “low calorie diet” and actually enjoying it. Even at my leanest when I was doing twenty-mile training runs I still looked a little thick, like a Kenyan with low thyroid.


Well it’s already after 5PM I better go for a run to try to make up for that breakfast. After running I’ll give the apple and yogurt another try. Wait a minute; my wife just emailed me a 20% off coupon for Outback Steakhouse. Miles away and she is still thinking of me. How sweet. I don’t even need to leave town to use it…Hm, or perhaps that was the point.



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  1. What a nice story. I can tell you miss the Mrs. already. I am sure she will read your post and have a great big hug and kiss all saved up for you when she returns. In the meantime, watch what you eat. 🙂 – Mike

  2. Thanks Mike. I will do my best.

  3. Those Las Vegas snacks look like an AT Hikers’ dream stop for a Snack RESUPPLY —- problem is they’d give you a 10 minute surge followed by a big dip. And the French Toast would be only a breakfast appetizer for a Thru Hiker — ha ha. Spent the month of March Camper van touring & day hiking in New Zealand. I’ve been AT Hiking NJ this spring with plans for more AT Backpacking this summer. So Far so good. Headed to Trail Days today. Come visit (Maryland DC suburbs) sometime & we’ll help get you & Sue on the C & O and/or Allegheny Passage for a Bike Adventure. ENJOY your cross country USA adventure!!!

    • It sounds like you started the year off in good form and we would love to hear some tales of your adventures. I think we would be heading through you area in the sometime during the later half of June and we would love to hook up if your around. I’ll get back with you when we know more. Thanks so much for the invitation and keep having fun on the trails.

  4. Love it, especially the knowing look on Sue’s face at the end!

    We have rounds about the maple syrup too….hee hee!

    We head home from Santiago tomorrow. Been a great trip, but ready to head home.

    Hi to Sue! Ciao, Val

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    • That is great guys. I’m sure it was fun and interesting but you do have a couple of good reasons to return. Glad you enjoyed the post and as we travel from NY to WA in July we have MN in our sights and hope we can hook up then. We’ll let you know more when we know more. Congratulations and pleasant travels.

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