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Artist Point - WA

Artist Point – WA


Toledo Hill Trail - WA

Toledo Hill Trail – WA


Toledo Hill Trail - WA

Toledo Hill Trail – WA

In the short time we have lived in Bellingham summer has exited, fall has arrived and winter seems fast approaching but despite those changes I am still delighted to be here. Of course having a home again means there is always something to fix or maintain. Nonetheless I like this house and town more than any other I’ve lived in so I don’t mind the work. In the end we will have a cozy place to recharge, write our thoughts, sort our photos and plan our next adventure. To steal the words of others, “There’s no place like home”.



Here are a few photographs of the area. The big mountain shots were taken at the end of Bakerview Road at a place known as Artist Point, about an hour from home. The frosty leaves and flower were taken on a trail just a couple minutes walk from our back door. These are two of reasons I like Bellingham and there are many more but despite that I am feeling a strong urge to grab my pack and hit the road again. No, I don’t want to move, I just want to visit, explore and hear what the locals have to say, someplace else.


Artist Point - WA

Artist Point – WA


A very cool outhouse - WA

A very cool outhouse – WA


Fortunately my wife understands my travel addiction and we have enjoyed many miles wandering together but she also understands there are times I have to go alone. For some reason I need to stumble along struggling with languages, directions, lodging, etc. without my best friend by my side. It doesn’t make sense, especially at our age, but that’s how it is. In fact she’s not only accepting of my addiction, she’s an enabler and to prove that she has bought me a ticket to Rick Steves travel lecture tonight. She truly understands me – and despite that still likes me.



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6 replies

  1. I look forward to seeing some of these sights for myself after viewing your stunning photos and now that I, too, call Bellingham my home. I am also interested to hear what tips and tidbits you pick up from the Rick Steves presentation. – Mike

  2. Travel keeps us young. 🙂 I hope the travel lecture was an adventure too. 🙂

  3. Great skiing up that way, and springtime in the San Juans – superb! Have a great New Year exploring. BTW, my itchy feet usually come in late fall as well.

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