Winter In The North


January is bald eagle migration time on the Skagit River

Mist above the Skagit River – WA


Our new drive way in the making

Our new drive way in the making

Winter for many people in the northern half of the US is not their favorite season. It is associated with wet, dark days in the Pacific NW, fierce winds and freezing temperatures in the plains, smothering snows in Chicago and Buffalo and it can even give some New Yorkers an attitude. It had been a few years since I had spent winter up north and I had concerns about living just a snowballs throw from Canada. Yes, most days do have some gray and rain in them but you often get a few hours of blue skies and sun too. Although we are further north than parts of Canada the temperatures hit forty something most days and occasionally you’ll see fifty degrees. I have yet to see snow in the city but you can get to skiing or snowshoeing within an hour or two.


Coming in from a day of fishing

Coming in from a day of fishing – Bellingham WA


Walking along the Bellingham waterfront

Walking along the Bellingham waterfront

Unfortunately my snowshoes and winter gear are in storage along I-70 in Indiana so this winter I spent my time exploring the city, fixing the house, taking classes and hiking. Winter in the Pacific NW has been more enjoyable than I expected but I may be the wrong person to speak on this matter. I also enjoyed my winters in Chicago, upstate New York and the Mojave Desert. Perhaps I am like Kalinda on the Good Wife, “I’m flexible.”




Another sunset in Bellingham

Another sunset in Bellingham

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14 replies

  1. Nice photos BT.

  2. Winters aren’t so bad in the Northwest temperature-wise. However, many people have a hard time adjusting to only 8-9 hours of daylight. Of course, we natives cultivate the notion that it rains all the time when, in fact, our region receives less than 36″ of rain/year – less than every major city on the east coast.

    What feeds into the high rainfall perception is that we get over 220 cloudy days/year, the majority of which occur between October and April. However, Northwest summers are nearly perfect, and 100 miles east across the Cascades they get 300 sunny days/year, testimony to the great diversity of our region.

    I am glad you are enjoying your stay in the area. – Mike

  3. Glad you’re enjoying winter in WA. Loved your reference to Kalinda.😊

  4. Good for you for being so flexible! I need to cultivate that a bit more…

  5. Your photographs capture the essence of a northern winter – the atmospheric and ever change light. Admittedly the conditions can be challenging, but they’re also invigorating, stimulating and at times inspirational.

    • Thanks and I agree with you. The Pacific NW has a beauty and charm even when the skies are gray and the rains are lashing. It is the part of America I find to be most similar to Scotland but sadly minus the fine whiskey.

  6. I only “know” you from our blogging, Brick, but I would say you are definitely flexible. Especially if you have enjoyed winters in Chicago, home of the most brutal winter winds ever. lol. Great post and photos, my friend. 🙂

  7. While it doesn’t rain as much as usually advertised, I’ve found most airports (where official rainfall is recorded) are in local dry spots. Portland’s airport is a good example. A few miles east of that airport rainfall doubles. And a place like Sequim, WA is very dry. Those misty shots like your top one aren’t possible anywhere else.

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