The Feel Of Summer

Squalicom Harbor, Bellingham Washington

Squalicom Harbor, Bellingham Washington

Squalicom Harbor, Bellingham Washington

Squalicom Harbor, Bellingham Washington

Today I was strolling around historic Fairhaven as the end of the workday approached. Floors were being swept, chairs stacked and young clerks with evening plans stared at wall clocks with pleading eyes. But the position of the minute hand was just academic, nothing more would be priced, shelved or sold until tomorrow. Outside another transition was happening, the light was softer, temperature cooler and sun a little further south and lower than it was at the same time a few weeks back. I could sense summer slipping away as I sat on the wrought iron bench and watched a jovial group of runners dressed mostly in pinks and powder blue file by heading toward the trail that hugs the bay.

Iced Italian Soda

Iced Italian Soda

Summer reading

The last summer read

A summer swim Lake Padden, Bellingham Washington

A swim across Lake Padden, Bellingham Washington

Tomorrow is the first day of school and despite not being of an age affected by mandatory attendance it still gives me the feeling that my summer is over. But it was a good one and I am glad I spent it in Bellingham. The other transition that occurs in a couple days is our latest pair of foster kittens, Sherlock and Watson, will be returned to the Whatcom Humane Society for adoption. If you want a sweet pair of brothers that play well together and enjoy sleeping on your lap stop by the Whatcom Humane Society.

I hope you enjoy the summer photographs and thanks for stopping by.

Watson and Sherlock

Watson and Sherlock


Dr. Watson

Sunset in Bellingham Washington

The end of the day in Bellingham Washington

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10 replies

  1. I love the harbor photos, the reflections are so crisp. If we weren’t on the other side of the country, I’m sure we would be thinking about Sherlock and Watson as companions for out Tuxedo sisters.

  2. Nice, Brick – my son went to school up there (BTC) and we usually saw I-5, the drive to the school, and then his room where he was staying. It’s so good to see some of the other parts of Bellingham through your eyes.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Has the fires affected your home? Been worried for you and Sue. Hoping Sherlock and Watson find loving homes. If I lived closer would be doing a lot of talking to my husband. They look exactly like our Max.

    • Hi Nancy- Fortunately for us the fires are about an hour east of us. Hopefully the rains that just started will help the firefighters. It sure is hard to give up these foster kittens but there are always a few more to care for. The cute kittens are usually adopted within a week. This way we can still travel but at some point we will keep one…

  4. The photos are so sharp! Beautiful, and I love the way you write. Love that photo of the girl reading. It’s excellent. Oh, the kittens. So wonderful. You do so much! I hope they find a good home.

  5. What a lovely review of the end of summer, via photos and words. The two harbor photos are especially exquisite, and I just love the colors of the iced sodas. Kittens could not be cuter….

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