Faces Of Summer

The ten photos you see here are faces I have collected over the past two summers. The toad is a resident of Virginia and the bison lives in Wyoming, but ambles along as if he got his drivers license in England. I took the black and white photo in Washington State with an old OM2n film camera, recorded it on Tri-X 400 and processed it at a lab in Bellingham Washington called, “Positive-Negative”. Jason owns the lab, rents it by the hour, has four enlargers, chemicals, print drier and most anything else you need. He is working on adding color-processing capabilities and also gives lessons in film developing and pinhole photography. It’s great to have a rental darkroom in town and a helpful owner like Jason.


Saturday Market, Bellingham Washington

Saturday Market, Bellingham Washington



Frog, Norfolk Virginia

Toad, Norfolk Virginia



Bellingham Washington

Playing Hide-and- Seek with a young stranger in Bellingham Washington



Bellingham Washington

Sherlock, the foster kitten, Bellingham Washington



Lynden Washington

Basketball Tournament, Lynden Washington



Basketball tournament Lynden Washington

Basketball tournament Lynden Washington



Bison in Yellowstone Park

Bison on my side of the road in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming



Bison Yellowstone Park

A view of a Bison from the driver’s seat, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming



Bellingham Washington

Sunshine and Sue, Bellingham Washington



Ithaca New York

A family gathering in Ithaca New York

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7 replies

  1. I absolutely love that black and white shot; you’ve frozen a real moment there.

  2. I enjoyed your post very much, Brick. Enjoyed seeing some of the faces of your two summers, which has an impressive geological span. My favorite is the first one, because I’ve been to outdoor markets in the Seattle area and they’re so colorful and popular and vibrant, just like this photo. 🙂

  3. Omg that bison would have scared me 😋

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