Camino Portuguese-Finesterre-Muxia – Part 13 ‘Photographes of Porto, Portugal’

The following are a few photos from my wanderings around Porto, Portugal. They were all captured with an Olympus TG-4, except for one. I hope you enjoy them.

The other day I found one of my photos at a dodgy website being sold for wall paper. That was a tacky move and the website was creepy. It kept pulling me in like quicksand, but never took me to where I wanted to go. I think Putin was behind it. So here’s the legal bit I added to my About page.

© Thomas N. Chapin and , 2012 through present. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Thomas N. Chapin and , with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

No, I don’t think this is going to stop the bad guys from stealing my content. But clarification of who owns this content is recommended, as is a copywrite logo. The logo is now in my header.  As for watermarks, I’m not interested in scarring my photos, so please enjoy.


Aliados Avenue with Dom Pedro IV on his horse and Porto’s City Hall in the back ground. Just to your right, out of sight, is one of the most beautiful McDonalds in the world. In place of blinking fluorescents it has chandeliers and a real espresso bar.


In every Portuguese city we visited we found clothes drying in the fresh air. These were spotted between the Porto Cathedral and the Ribeira (the popular riverfront area).


Soccer enthusiasts playing in front of the Portuguese Center of Photography. The center had a few photographs and a couple pieces of equipment in one hall. All the other halls were closed, it was a bit of a let down. I hope it was a temporary issue. Porto, Portugal


At the Sao Bento train station over 20,000 Azulejo tiles come together to form images of   Portugal’s history. The first blue tiles were placed in 1905, but the station did not open until October 5, 1916. Porto, Portugal


Sue captured this shot with her iPod touch. Porto, Portugal


Just some friends jumping rope on a stage in downtown Porto, Portugal.


Igreja dos Clerigos (Church of the Clergymen), Porto, Portugal. Construction of the church began in 1732 and the 246 foot (75m) bell tower was finally completed in 1754. For a reasonable fee visitors can walk to the top and take in a 360 degree view of the city. The fee  includes a self-guided tour of the church and museum.


Checking for split ends at the bus stop.

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13 replies

  1. The one time that I know that one of my online photos was used took place after permission had been requested. It was a photo of the San Pedro River in Arizona and was used as cover art in a book of essays about the challenges of water usage in the Colorado River and Jordan River basins. I’m sorry that you had this bad experience.

    • Hi Keith. Thanks. My first response was, “I took a picture just like that.” But that’s what happens on the world wide web I guess, still I think there’s more good than bad out there. Speaking of good, Merry Christmas. I always enjoyed seeing downtown Indy and the circle with all the Christmas lights. It could be tough for a bike messenger though. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed your photos of Porto life, the railway station and its tiles look gorgeous. About copyright, several months ago I spotted a photo on a blog that bore a resemblance to mine, and when I clicked on the post I found three more of my photos without any reference to me. I politely contacted the blogger who said she didn’t realise you couldn’t just use someone else’s photos. She agreed to take them down but it was only luck that I noticed. I also mention copyright on my contact page as a warning but like you, I’m not sure how good a deterrent it is. Best Wishes, M.

    • Afternoon, LMT. The web is a strange place where people think if it’s online it’s free for the taking. I’ve heard a few companies complain that they can’t sell their products online, especially magazines, because people just don’t see why they should have to pay to read something online. It’s an interesting environment. Anyway, thank you for checking out the photos and leaving a comment. Happy Christmas.

  3. I’m sure it was shocking and disappointing to find your photos stolen, but I must say, you have so many beauties. I really liked these photos, Brick. (I guess I can call you Thomas now?) That train station is stunning, I liked seeing the soccer player boy with his feet off the ground and the shadows too. LOVE the split ends photo, for your curiosity and love for humans. My best to you for a wonderful holiday season, and thank you so much for sharing your rich Portugal adventures.

  4. Split ends. Nyuk Nyuk!-) Great pics! I’ve seen some that have one’s name discreetly at the corner of photos, but not sure what program/app would do it. Or if it would be worth the trouble of processing each one to do it.

  5. Nice photos from my city, and correct information (which it doesn’t happens often, I must say…). Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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