Thailand at Play and Work

Here’s a few photos I collected in Thailand that I hope depict a side of life there.



Hammering out alms bowls for the monks.



Restocking can be tougher than you think.



Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a form of kick boxing and the nation’s most popular sport. This group of mostly westerners is giving it a try in 100 degree heat.



An upscale eatery with a roof, table and chairs and plenty of smoky BBQ. What more do you need? Yes, they also serve beer.



Like the Polish with pictures of the Pope everywhere the Thai seem to have pictures of the king displayed in most homes and businesses.



Days in the flower market start early and a midday nap is justified.



It’s typical to have a business spill onto the sidewalk requiring the people to walk in the street.



Hanging out with friends on a Friday night after work.



The final move. Koa Toa is an island filled with westerners running dive shops and natives running most everything else so it’s not uncommon to see kids of all colors and nationalities playing together.

















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5 replies

  1. Splendid photos Tom. I particularly liked the man pulling the cart delivering all those packages! Have a good weekend.

  2. I especially like the chess game photo!

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