Trails and Trains Through Portugal and Spain Part 10 (Camino Portuguese, Camino Finesterre-Muxia)

Here are a few more photos I shot between Lisbon and Coimbra. They were taken with an Olympus TG-4 in jpeg mode. The TG-4 is a small waterproof, shockproof digital point and shoot with a few bells and whistles such as the ability to shoot raw. Despite completing an enjoyable course in Light Room I choose not to shoot raw. I don’t want to spend that much time post-processing (these were tweaked a bit in Mac Photos). Nor do I want my pictures to be so perfect that they look like a dream or a Pixar movie instead real people in real places. Of course I could argue that the jpeg captures the soul of my art better than any other medium, but that’s a pile of horse dung. The truth is I like minimalism, I’m a little lazy and shooting raw and messing with Lightroom, Photoshop, whatever, takes some of the fun out of photography for me. Oddly enough I don’t mind developing B&W film. Shooting raw is not off the table, I just don’t feel like doing it now. Maybe I’ll change my mind in 2017.



Now what do I wear?




Version 2


A 12 string Portuguese Fado guitar (taken by my wife)



Batman and grandma stopping for a ham and cheese sandwich



Custom leather shoes starting at less than a 100 Euros



Praxe: Portuguese term dating back to the 14th century for the initiation of first year university students. Lisbon, Portugal



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23 replies

  1. I think they are very nice photos.

  2. Have enjoyed all your photos from this trip and the stories. What an exciting trip. Elizabeth Tucker

  3. Enjoyed your selection of photos and the series of posts on your adventures in Portugal. Thank you.

  4. I really enjoyed the day-to-day photos here, Brick, setting the poignant scenes. The thistle flower at top is gorgeous, I liked the door hinge, the freshly-made leather shoes dangling, the bored people in the café, the elegant 12 string guitar, Batman and his grandma. The laundry is a familiar sight to any intrepid traveler, gave me a smile. But the one that I especially loved was the jubilant child enjoying the train. This post was such a pleasure, thank you.

  5. I know what you mean about shooting jpg, I’m usually too lazy to post process everything too. But I’m thinking about upgrading gear, which might be pointless if I didn’t take full advantage, so as you say, shooting RAW is not off the table.

    Some nice shots in there. I’m partial to the thistle and the hinge, they’re unique.

    • Thanks, Dave. I wonder what year those hinges were made and those rivets hammered? I’d be curious how that transition goes for you. I have seen raw files turned into beautiful B&W prints thanks to LR and the skills of fine photographer who knew how print. It’s good to keep learning. Merry Christmas.

  6. Those are some lovely photos, and it looks like you’ve visited some great places! 🙂

  7. Very nice report, and amazing pictures too! I hope you enjoyed Lisbon and Portugal!!

  8. lovely photos!

  9. Amazing pictures! What a privilege to see all that! xx

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